10 texting rules dating etiquette

Posted by / 16-Nov-2020 02:25

Do 30-minute increments predict how much your friend or romantic interest really likes you? Some are neurotic about it, others are more Type B-laid back and forgetful in their responses ("nothing personal" they'd say, and mean it).

Some use texting in place of email, and regularly exceed the 160-character limit (ok, maybe that's just me, but still). New technologies have brought with them many benefits, including making communication more immediate in crisis situations, and opening the communication channels for disabled persons such as the hearing impaired.Or maybe younger individuals are more likely to have a faster text turn-around time?3) Maybe the recipient didn't think you were expecting a response, didn't feel your text was worthy of a response, or simply didn't feel like texting. My personal rule is that texting is supposed to be the very least instrusive medium around. However, there is definitely a thing in pop culture now of females post-hookup going "why didn't you text me back? Either I'm not a dude, or I'm just too old to get it.Again, if what you have to say is that important, just call. So if you do not get a response it is absolutely NOT personal. A very good friend of mine had his wife walk out on him and his children several years ago.

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The new term "textationship" is a nod to the current phenomenon of relationships based purely on texting.