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Since we use our phones 90% of the time and then need the occasional bluetooth speaker or backup battery charged this charger has been great.

Best Overall: If you need more power the highest rated and most powerful and best selling 4 port charger is the Anker 40W 4-Port Charger.

You can’t go wrong with this charger if 2 ports is all you need.

Even if you think you only need a 2 port charger, consider some of the 4 port chargers below as you’re charging needs are bound to grow and they’re still very affordable.

Over the past few years a number of quality multi-port chargers have hit the market to meet the needs of consumers. Tally up how many devices you’d possibly need to charge at once this is the total number of USB ports you need. A quick rule of thumb is the larger the device the more amps it needs.

Consider your phones, tablets, blue-tooth speakers, Go Pros. Also consider if friends or family drop by consistently and also need to charge their phones. Just because a device can be charged by USB doesn’t mean any charger has enough output for it.

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Phones and tablets are becoming more powerful, and we have more of them in general.

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