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Emma and Christian also date, though a lie told by Linda causes them to break-up until Rebecca reveals the truth. separate for some time, during which Alex is offered a solo recording contract.However, he chooses to bring the band back together. are about perform on stage, Joe announces to Alex that their mother is in labor and has given birth to a baby girl.She has a troubled relationship with Alex, but he sees through her hardened exterior. Frustrated with the direction that their new manager Diana is taking the band in, Alex invents a secret masked internet artist persona named 'Nobody' and releases a song called 'I Am Nobody' online, which finds worldwide success.Sam's personality starts to change because of the band's fame, but after a reality check from Rebecca, he returns to his normal self and applies for a scholarship to a prestigious school. is disbanded, ending Linda's hopes of fame and sending her back to her old sinister ways. is reunited, and they work to save The Blue Factory together.Headmaster Ferrari wants the institution to maintain its lead rank in academics, abandoning activities like music, singing, and acting.But Professor Belli, their literature teacher, encourages the students to follow their dreams.She also finds out that her father was fired as Headmaster, but he is rehired soon after.Alex and Nicole mend their friendship, but instead of rejoining the band, she gets involved in saving a local theatre, The Blue Factory, which is run by her former babysitter Sara.

But when their mother faints as they pack, the family panics, only to discover that she is not ill, but is actually pregnant.Summer is over and Alex's parents announce that they plan to move the family to the United States.Alex is not happy, and together with his older brother Joe and their friends, they try to stay.They also make the acquaintance of Linda and her group of fake friends: Samantha, Rebecca, Tom, and Barto.Alex soon realizes that high school will not be the party he imagined.

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is an Italian television series which first aired on Disney Channel Italy on May 11, 2015.

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