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Australian adult chatroom

Thus an /Aborigine would observe bubbles of air or pieces of nibbled seaweed rising to the water's surface, indicating perhaps a crocodile of dugong beneath.

Eye disease, however, was common among Aborigines, in a land where the effects of dust and flies were severe.

This kind of graceful movement was noted, too, in Aboriginal women, who while travelling could carry water in bark containers on their heads without spilling it, or piles of firewood in the same fashion.The impact of white invasion, however, brought change on a scale not known before.Traditional Aboriginal society was broken down rapidly as white settlement occurred, especially in coastal districts; inland, chiefly in drier and remote districts, it survived much longer in its original form.When the day starts to warm up, the Aborigines dig a hole under a tree until they reach the cool sand.Then they put a rough shelter over the top, reduce their skin temperature by throwing sand over their bodies, bury themselves up to the neck, and remain covered until the cool of the evening allows them to continue their way. White recorded that the Aborigines would laugh at whites, who when camping made large fires that scorched one side of the body without warming the other.

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They do not really sleep for any time, just dozing off for a little while, and awaken with a start in case the fires are out.

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