Awkward dating sites

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Awkward dating sites

And you interrupt dates by removing yourself from the little bubble where only the two of you exist, from a moment that could be beautiful, just to post something on social media. So everyone else can know how much fun you could be having if you weren’t too busy trying to prove to the world that you’re having fun?

If anyone tells you that going “out for drinks” has any purpose other than to ease into coitus, he or she is lying to you.Not to mention the food photo session that has to happen every time you sit down to eat.Some people are better at keeping their phones away during dates than others, but for every 30 seconds you’re on that phone, there are 30 seconds of awkwardness you’re making the other person feel.But the fact that everything needs to be tweeted, updated, shared and put under the scrutiny of the rest of the world means that private moments are no longer private.These days, your business is everyone else’s business.

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