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A mere twenty years had passed since the invention of the ARPANET, but few people remembered it now.For it had become a happy victim of its own overwhelming success.ARPANET’s users had warped the computer-sharing network into a dedicated, high-speed, federally subsidized electronic postal service.

How could the US authorities successfully communicate after a nuclear war?

As early as 1977, TCP/IP was being used by other networks to link to ARPANET.

ARPANET itself remained fairly tightly controlled, at least until 1983, when its military segment broke off and became MILNET. And ARPANET itself, though it was growing, became a smaller and smaller neighborhood amid the vastly growing constellation of other linked machines.

Its users scarcely noticed, for ARPANET’s functions not only continued but steadily improved.

The use of TCP/IP standards for computer networking is now global.

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RAND mulled over this grim puzzle in deep military secrecy, and arrived at a daring solution.