Be2 dating site costs

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Be2 dating site costs

This is a kind of misleading marketing strategy but it doesn’t make be2 a scam.So, if Cathy looks pleasing to you, get in touch with her; if not, don’t bother.Another peculiar be2 marketing strategy concerns membership cancellation.In its Terms and Conditions it says “the Client terminates in writing fourteen days before expiry of the access period or, if another termination period was communicated when buying the access period”.

They emailed back and said they would take no further action. The only hope for you:is to write a letter "certify" to the manager: To Luxemberg (address below)and form.(5) The Customer may terminate the initial free Services at any time by clicking on the "delete profile" link found under "settings" on the Site.Alternatively, the Customer may provide written notice of such termination, by sending a notice containing Customer's email address as provided during registration, country of residence and username or number. You would need to start with the bank and it would probably be fruitless. I stood against their threats to take legal action. I thought we would be protected from scams like this site but it looks like we are not. Cancelling and getting a new card should work, but forget about trying to retrieve the money you've lost. I wrote a note requesting them to cancel my subscription on a piece of paper signed it - took a photo of it and sent it to them. Good luck Yes I understand your predicament as many have experienced this also.

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