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Benefits consolidating credit card debts

The same debt, paid through a 20 year mortgage, with an average interest rate of 6% would cost around 70 a month.In essence, the benefits associated with this kind of consolidation are short term - you will be better off each month compared with paying off a loan or credit card.

However, it's not necessarily the win-win strategy it seems - we explain.Consolidating credit cards and loan debts into your mortgage can seem a no-brainer - after all, given the size of the debt, mortgage payments can seem low.However, it is not necessarily the win-win strategy it seems - we explain.(For use by customers with hearing impairments only) We may record your call so we can check we've carried out your instructions correctly and to help us improve our service.Missing payments on a credit or store card bill, or a bill that comes out of the blue can have a massive impact on both your day-to-day finances and credit rating.

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For instance, if you have a lot of credit card debt, consolidation may well be a good idea, since credit cards are often the most expensive way to borrow money.

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