Bf3stats not updating

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You start recovering health 16 seconds after taking damage.

If you run into a health kit range and then run out of its range before you have full hp, it will always take 12 seconds to start normal 5hp/sec regeneration again.

Player can still be alive with 0% health as the health shown in UI (or calculated in assists) is rounded so they actually can have in example 0.3 healthpoints left.

Admins can change the `BULLET DAMAGE MODIFIER IN %´ and `PLAYER HEALTH IN %´. Without health kit the regenartion rate is 5 hp/sec.

Example: "getting started docs" To exclude a word or phrase, put a dash in front of it.

Example: docs -help You can use the 'Search comments?

If you want more personas - just create another account. If you was registered on v6 - register again, remove c:\Program Data\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License\DGR01609245.dlf, redownload unpack to client with replace.

Changes: new crack and exe(including server), will be only one persona per account with name from zloemu, delete persona - just delete all stats and other data, create persona - disabled. At msk will be wipe of v5 and current v6, so all will be in same conditions.

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Allowed to run games from ZClient without ZLOrigin: BFBC2, BF3, BF4, DS1, DS2, DS3, ME1, ME2, Sims3, Sims4, NFS14.

Also updated NFS14, now without dinput8, for future.

Delete persona in game - will just wipe all data from it.

If was more then one persona - create another account on zloemu for each, because only one persona allowed now, with name from site.

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Also new ban system, which you can saw as Wahaha bans, in short - its much better, but can be some wrong bans. Server update to server folder, login&pass now in bat file, not in exe.

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