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Can we use paypal payflow gateway for card present payment integration From the documentation we noted that this is not supported if we have business in countries like India This ref link https:// says that SWIPE (card-present) transactions are not supported by the Pay Pal processor - what is this mean Not able to find clear documentation for this - like how this works Is any other payment gate way supports card present integration (for having business in India and Nigeria) Please suggest Thanks There are some processors that support transmission of the raw card data.Payflow can be configured to work with a number of different credit card processors -- including Pay Pal (via the Pay Pal Payments Pro or Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition products) -- and whether you can transmit the raw card data depends on which processor you are working with.Besides, what is a free adult chat without all of the things you love, and who doesn't love a friendly couple in the mood for a social chat.Don't waste your time with those free cam 2 cam sites that force you to pay a membership before you can see any of the good stuff either.That means that whether you want to watch some girl on girl action, an older couple or anything in between this is the place for you. Forget about spending all night watching nick at nite reruns and eating an entire bag of chips.Grab your favorite drink and watch the plethora of live webcams for all of your adult chatting needs.It's likely not many, so there is no need at all to waste your time with those dolts when you could be chatting with strangers who are ready to chat live just for you.If you look hard enough, you may find other places with cams for free.

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Most processors will accept the raw card data; however, the Pay Pal processor does not.

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