Cancer star sign compatibility chart dating

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But if each respects, and cooperates with, the other’s principal cognitive strength – intuition on the one hand and commonsense on the other – they actually make a formidable team.

CAPRICORN-CANCER COMPATIBILITY CHALLENGES The best chance of success for a Capricorn-Cancer love match is for the two people to exploit their personality differences to their joint advantage and work together as a team.

Whereas Cancer is led by its heart, Capricorn always follows its head.

Arguments can break out when the Crab finds Capricorn too hard-nosed and unfeeling, or the Goat gets irritated by Cancer’s lack of realism.

This means that any two zodiac signs are more or less compatible.

CAPRICORN-CANCER MENTAL COMPATIBILITY A similarly conservative outlook on life forms a powerful mental bond between these two Star Signs.

Both have a strong respect for traditional beliefs and ways of going about things, and both are ready to draw on guidance from the past in tackling contemporaneous issues.

Because neither Cancer nor Capricorn are particularly progressive in their thinking, they’re not keen on new-fangled ideas which might prove risky, preferring tried and tested methods they know are reliable and safe.

These two are cautious-minded people – and at times perhaps rather overly so.

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