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Connections dating service stamford

Some of her Hathaway relatives were left monetary amounts, whilst the Hart family into which her mother's aunt Joan, Shakespeare's sister, had married received property in Henley Street, including the cottages now known as the Shakespeare Birthplace. See PROB 1/42 Image Ref: 2, will of Dame Elizabeth Barnard, dated 29 January 1669-70 and proved 4 March 1669-70. Sir John Bernard or Barnard of Abington, Northampton. See PROB 11/386 Image Ref: 384/368 for his will dated 2 October 1684, proved 24 March 1687. See PROB 11/300 Image Reference: 618/539 for his will. Research by archivists at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford upon Avon has provided references to an Edward Bagley found in the records of the Pewterers' Company, being presented for apprenticeship in London, namely: 12 September 1656: Robert Orme presented Edward Bagley son of Edward, deceased, of Dudly (sic) in Staffordshire, gentleman, for 8 years from All Saints Day - 2s And again, later: 6 October 1664: Edward Bagley, apprentice to Robert Orme sworne and made free 6s 8d (26a) Another recent publication (27) gives slightly differing dates within the same years for Bagley's apprenticeship and freedom dates, but confirms he was the son of Edward Bagley of Dudley.

Thomas Nash's cousin Edward Nash (25) was, by previous arrangement, given first refusal on Lady Bernard's Stratford estate, not otherwise bequeathed, after Sir John's death in March 1674. He was the only son of Baldwin Barnard by his second wife, Eleanor Fullwood of Ford Hall, Warwickshire. His death left Henry Smith of Old Stratford as the sole trustee of Lady Bernard's will. See PROB 11/200 Image References: 711 & 712 will of Thomas Nash. He was Lord of the Manor of Loxley, near Stratford. His birth in 1641 would make Edward 15 years old when entering upon his apprenticeship, a reasonable age. The references to Edward Bagley's apprenticeship and freedom details were provided to the ABT by Dr.

Bagley who described himself in his will (8) as a yeoman, and was in the service of Lord Dudley possibly in a land management capacity as warden and later lessee of his deer park and 'connigree', or rabbit warren, at Old Park in Dudley. Edmund, Dudley Samuell - baptised 11 February 1613-14 St. No record has yet been found for the marriage of William Brinton and Ann Bagley.

John Bagley had several children (9) of whom the eldest was Edward and it is his son, also Edward, who is the subject of this inquiry regarding his connection to Shakespeare's granddaughter. Edmund, Dudley Richard - baptised 28 July 1616 Sedgley In 1996 an article appeared in The American Genealogist (10) by Colonel Charles M. However, since both are believed to have been early Quakers, this would account for the lack of any parish record entry.

In the early 20th Century Charlotte Stopes tried to trace Bagley's connection to her, but failed to find anything substantive (1).We have successfully launched many happy and lasting relationships so join today and see who could be a great match for you. The individual questions you set out give a useful guide to find potential matches.Most importantly the option to write a larger piece affords the opportunity to give a more rounded impression of somebodys character and interests. maternal grandson, maternal nephew or simply relative. My area of interest began with the fact that an Edward Bagley had been named as executor and a major beneficiary in the will of Lady or Dame Elizabeth Bernard (15) (or Barnard), the granddaughter and last direct descendant of William Shakespeare.Hansen was of the opinion that Edward Bagley was the child of a sister of Elizabeth and most likely Agnes or Ann Bagley, and although others have speculated that John Bagley's wife was another sister, Joan, or even another illegitimate daughter of Edward Sutton and Elizabeth, for the purposes of this discussion, Hansen's conclusion will be assumed correct. Index to the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Marc Fitch 1986 p.416. As my research quickly led to the Bagleys of Dudley and the substantial work that had been done into them and their connections to the Sutton-Dudley family by previous researchers, I was initially surprised to find that none had established another and, possibly to many, more interesting connection, that being to the family of Shakespeare. See also PROB 11/380 Image Ref: 573/17366 Will of Dudley Bagley dated and proved 30 September 1685. All Saints, Sedgley, Staffordshire CMB 1558-1684 available on microfiche from the Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry (BMSGH) 18. Thomas 1541-1649 are also available from the BMSGH.

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Edward Sutton, 9th Lord Dudley, has gone down to posterity has a wastrel and philanderer, largely responsible for the ruination of his family's wealth and prosperity.

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