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The Hume homestead was 165 acres, and Andys was 160 acres. The old chicken house was knocked off the foundation by a runaway team of horses. Fence lines were taken out and all the sloughs have been tiled & drained making nice long fields. The old frame house built by Thomas Hume was torn down in 1960. Things were modern now, with pipeline milkers, milking parlors, and bulk tanks to cool and store the milk.

Times were very tough during the dry years and depression of the 30s. hauled cattle to northern Minnesota where there was pasture to save them. Bud discontinued raising sheep in 1975, but increased in hog raising.

After some discussion, I have limited pictures to youthful maturity.

While the family was and is truly one of Lake Wobegon, I have limited family tree and family group pictures to graduation (high school or college) and marriage.

This work is one of a two-volume set about the ancestors and descendents of Bertha Marie (Kleven) and Chester Hall Bennett of Lowry, MN.

While this volume depicts Chesters Scottish-English side of the Bennett family, the companion volume is titled The Klevens of Pope County, MN and depicts Berthas predominantly Nonvegian sik Both volumes represent a first publishing effort by the writer.

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.With the good care it has had down through the years, the land continues to produce food for livestock and people alike. Pastor Dahle lived in Starbuck, but came to Lowry to preach Chester used to meet him on his way to see me.Chester Bennett and I graduated from West Central School of Agriculture at Morris, Minnesota in 1914. Chester drove a team of spirited horses and when he drove into the Kleven farm fast, my brothers, William and Gilbert said he had been whipping them so they would come in fast to impress me.The publisher will also be pleased to share the complete tree in electronic format with any family member. A lot of the crops were used for feed for the livestock C. used commercial fertilizer when it first became available. The barn yard was always muddy, and in the earlier years skim milk was carried through the mud to the pigs.The computer program is Family Tree Maker, Version 8.0. He came by boat from Owen Sound on Lake Huron to Superior City on Lake Superior. Combines were used for threshing starting in the middle 40s. During World War II there was rationing and farm prices were regulated by the government. Straw sheds were used to house the pigs in the winter. rented the Oberg farm for 2 or 3 years before buying it in 1942.

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I request submissions of pictures to be electronic also.