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Such certificate may not be on the date of the marriage older than seven working days. For more information please contact any Office of Vital Records.

A marriage is contracted by the free and complete consent of the man and woman who intend to enter into marriage (the fiancés), declaring that they are entering into marriage.

If they are issued by foreign authorities they must be furnished with the required authenticated documents (superlegalization, Apostille) unless an international agreement stipulates otherwise.

Such authenticated documents must be officially translated into the Czech language.

I asked her if she would be nice enough to jot down some thoughts about this Czech experience from her point of view and here is what she wrote: (great story! ) The first Czech I saw in him is when we initially met.

He was young, skinny, hyper, and barely knew English.

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In the next few years of dating, I saw him go closer and closer to the American way and all but recant his Czech citizenship.

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