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Then, in 1975, came the 16.37 carat "Amarillo Starlight Diamond." The 6.35 carat "Roden Diamond" was found in 2006.And the crown jewel of the park has been the "Strawn-Wagner Diamond," a comparatively small 3.09 carat diamond, that was dug up in 1990, and expertly cut down to 1.90 carat.However, the government is required to pay fair market value for a treasure trove, meaning the farmer and Lawes split a cool £1.75 million (about .8 million). Bassum found a giant of a gemstone in 1924 -- a 40.23 carat diamond.The Hoxne Hoard is now on permanent display at the British Museum, drawing thousands of people every year. It might surprise you to hear that he wasn't digging in one of the famous South African diamond mines at the time, but was near Murfreesboro, Arkansas, at a site that is now the Crater of Diamonds State Park. No matter how valuable it is." Bassum's big find -- nicknamed "The Uncle Sam Diamond," the largest diamond ever discovered in North America -- was later cut down to 12.42 carat and sold for 0,000 in 1971 (About 0,000 today).When he got his new stuff home, he decided to strategically hang the picture to cover up a hole in the wall that had been bugging him.Some years later he was playing a board game called Masterpiece in which players attempt to outbid one another for artwork at an auction.Mental Floss: 6 really strange truck spills As you go in search of your nest egg, keep in mind the old adage: "It's only worth what the market will bear." Sometimes finding treasure is the easy part; finding someone willing to buy it can be the real challenge. She'd never really found anything of value, but she liked getting the exercise, so she kept at it.On one Sunday in June 2009, her detector beeped, and she bent down to dig up what she thought was going to be another common coin or old nail.

A Fed Ex spokesperson said in a statement: 'We were shocked to learn about the incident in Manhattan today, and our thoughts go out to the individual who was injured.

It wasn't immediately known what sparked the violent disagreement that saw Madraque Tyquan Bailey, 22, allegedly attack Jack Gindi, 28. His whole stomach was cut open,' said a worker selling tickets to the Empire State Building to the New York Post. They lifted his shirt — I thought he got shot because there was a wound in the front and in the back. ' Both men work in the area, according to police although it was not clear what the feud was about.

Bailey, the 22-year-old Fed Ex worker was taken into custody a short time later, and arrived at the precinct sporting his uniform.

The experts at the auction house felt the piece was much more valuable, because it was believed to be one of only three similar items known to exist.

Their initial estimate was £250,000 (5,900), but said it could easily sell for as much as £2.5 million (.1 million) thanks to its resemblance to another English treasure also found with a metal detector, the Middleham Jewel.

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Sadly, there is no word on whether or not the hammer was ever found. Sitting on top of a volcanic pipe (a geologic tube formed by an ancient underground volcanic explosion), the park is the only diamond site in the world that is open to the public. But his wasn't the last valuable rock dug out of that Arkansas soil.