Dating half your age

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It can give new meaning to the phrase, “Rise and shout, the Cougars are out!

People say “age is just a number” all the time, but do they practice what they preach? Age signifies so much more than just a number: it can reflect your maturity, your stage in life, and your experience. Not every 21-year-old is on the same playing field--some are already gearing up for the ninth inning while others are just jumping into the dating game.

Among those misconceptions are perceived “deal breakers” in dating and courtship—petty and inconsequential to some and yet crucial to others—including hair or eye color; height difference; whether or not that person plays an instrument; sports affiliations; past sins or transgressions, (even if long-since repented of), etc.

Not long ago, I read a biography of Church President John Taylor and learned that his first wife, Leonora Cannon Taylor, was 12 years older than he was!

However, I remember that our age difference seemed to be something of a big deal to her sister.

One day, this sister directed a snarky, can’t-tell-if-she’s-kidding, “robbing-the-cradle” comment in my direction.

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Even if she were kidding, there is always at least a glint of truth in every sarcastic remark.

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