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When she’s not writing anything from textbooks to the books that would make your mother blush, she’s editing like a fiend.And when she’s not doing that, she’s relaxing with her hunky hubby and their beloved young’uns at their Kentucky homestead.HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and refers to an infection involving the body’s immune system.Specifically, HIV attacks the T cells, which play a major part in helping the body fight off infections.

Even if disclosure is not legally required, anyone who is HIV positive and is in a position where they could transmit it to another person should either avoid that situation or disclose his or her HIV/AIDS status first.

However, in certain situations, someone who is HIV positive has a moral and perhaps even legal obligation to notify another.

This situation most commonly applies to sexual partners.

But condoms may break or be used improperly, so the only absolute method of avoiding an HIV infection through sex is to avoid any sexual activity in which bodily fluids are involved. In certain situations, the virus can live in a needle for over a month.

When an infected needle is used by another individual, HIV can come into direct contact with the bloodstream, potentially passing along the infection.

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