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S Watch now on Stan Liza is a 40 year old woman who pretends to be 26 in order to get a job in the highly competitive publishing industry.

Now she has to make sure no one discovers her secret.

Bail agents are always ready and prepared to perform and do so on a regular basis.

In many cases we're just waiting for the local politicos to see through the double talk of purveyors of taxpayer funded pretrial release programs, risk based assessment schemes and deposit bail.

Point the bat signal to the sky and call upon the bail profession to do what we do best, get people to court. According to the BJS report there was a 17% increase in the overall rate of violent victimization per 1000 persons age 12 and older.

The last two years in California have been tumultuous to say the least with respect to criminal justice.In the case of the cash deposit option paid to the court, the money, by law, is receipted in the defendant’s name. Because this gives the court and the state access to these funds to pay any costs or court fees related to the criminal case and any other amounts owing the state for taxes, back child support, etc.Furthermore, the court does not make any effort to reduce the amount of court costs and fines or providing a criminal defendant with a free attorney.In an article published by, October 14, 2012, by Bob Braley entitled Bail Bounty?, it was reported that Noble County, Indiana was moving toward a 10% deposit (90% discount) bond program as opposed to requiring bail bonds to guarantee a defendant’s appearance in court.

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The current attitude seems to be; we don't care if you fail to appear for court as long as you leave the jurisdiction. Bail agents do their job because they like their job but they also perform their duties because they want to be successful at what they do, turn a profit, feed their family and be a functioning participant within their community. One of our local veteran bail agents in Indianapolis, Larry Wooden, recently coordinated the capture of a fugitive who was hiding 2000 miles a way in Northern California.

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