Dating ordnance survey maps

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The original historical maps now reside with local libraries around the country and you may be able to find the historical maps that you wish to view there.Legal Deposit Libraries hold more extensive collections and offer reading and copying facilities for customers willing to visit and carry out their own searches.A comprehensive guide is available at Small Scale OS Maps Ordnance Survey Resources for Environmental Site Researchers Site researchers into the incidence of contaminated land etc. Resources available include a comprehensive collection of large-scale Ordnance Survey plans for Great Britain and Ireland dating back to the mid-19th century.This includes post World War II National Grid paper sheets until the 1980s, microfilm aperture cards from the 1980s until 1997 and a digital data terminal from 1997 onwards. The major change on the maps is the extent of railways portrayed, which varies enormously as the maps move from the 1830s to 1880s (? The date printed on the map refers to the underlying map and not to that of the railways, which were generally added in manuscript in red at some stage between the map printing and the sale of the copy; the dates on the maps and the extent of railways do not have a linear correlation, as some maps with earlier dates have more railways than maps with later dates.

City status in England and Wales was traditionally given to towns with cathedrals, but from 1888 size of population became the chief factor in such designations.

For the remaining publishers who omitted dates, sometimes they did include a date code that can be translated into a year, or at other times all you have is their address to compare against their known address dates.

There is a lot of information on Bartholomews (click on the link), but rather less on the others (shown below the list): Addresses: 1808-10 Old Assembly Close, Edinburgh 1811-15 259 Cowgate, Edinburgh 1816-18 Kincaid's Court, Cowgate, Edinburgh 1819-28 Nidry Street, Edinburgh 1820-21 165 Cowgate, Edinburgh 1822-24 28 Nidry Street, Edinburgh 1824-41 24 Nidry Street, Edinburgh .

Large-scale OS plans are also available for Northern Ireland and Eire.

The Maps Reading room has a rapid copy service tailored to the needs of site researchers. published less than 50 years ago, one A4 from each tile or sheet can be supplied without permission from the Ordnance Survey. A4 sheets from microfiche or film of pre-WWII large-scale county Series maps and National Grid sheets on aperture cards can be obtained instantly from self-service reader-printers.

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They are generally made at 2” to the mile and cover England and Wales as far north as a line from Preston to Hull.

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