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Like the Nacirema ladies, far too often, women start picturing the dress and the ceremony before they've gotten to know a man's character, before they've even ascertained if a certain man is a compatible match. Perhaps alcohol has come into play in much of your dating life.While there's nothing wrong with drinking, of course (a little liquid courage can be helpful to tame the nerves on dates), don't allow alcohol to entirely sway your judgment or make decisions for you that you might not make when sober. Finally, how shocked were you by the way Nacirema women treat themselves?

Every culture is different and that is what makes a diverse world.Quite bizarrely, Nacirema women have a tendency to move very quickly when they meet someone they like.When in the courting phase, which often consists of sitting around a long wooden table at the heart of the village, sipping a drink called lohocla (lo-HO-claw) from wooden cups whittled from the rednetrab (red-NET-trab) tree, it is common for Nacirema women to discuss the color of their robes for a tribe wedding ceremony.When it comes to the Nacirema women pretending to be reincarnations of deceased tribeswomen, might you consider if you've ever pretended to be someone you're not in order to win a guy's affection and love?While it can be tempting to play someone you're not when you date, ultimately, the real you is going to come out.

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Stories within the Nacirema village abound of women making poor decisions by consuming too much lohocla, a mood-altering substance that has been known to cause women to flail their limbs about and to slur their speech.

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