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I find myself having thoughts like, “I could never date him, he wears V-necks.” Or, “He was nice, but he sleeps in a mezzanine bed.” And this perpetual dissatisfaction is especially true in New York, where inflated egos are paired with incredibly high standards and the illusion of infinite choice.

That cliché of thinking “someone better might be just around the corner” is real.

I am officially the last single person in my friend group. It feels like just yesterday we were being rejected from Raya, and now suddenly everyone is scouting for wedding venues upstate—except me.

I’m starting to realize how different—and freakish—being single feels in your 30s.

Here’s another 30s development: Now, when I meet a cute guy, he’s often already married.

Just recently, I felt like I was truly connecting with my orthodontist—I mean, he’s literally been putting his fingers in my mouth for six months—only for him to drop last week that he has a wife. This past weekend, I was commiserating about 30s singledom with my friend “Steve,” a 35-year-old TV producer who lives in Chicago.

”“The thing that scares me the most,” Steve went on, “is thinking about the future.

I recently had a 60-year-old Uber driver who wasn’t married and had no kids, and he was like, ‘Yeah, l just Uber around, passing the time.’ Like, I don’t want to be that!

Then I had to hire a different man to install it, only to have that man explain that I’d bought an AC with the wrong voltage for my building, which meant that I had to rehire the first man to carry the AC back downstairs again.In 2010, Lori Gottlieb authored the polarizing bestseller .The book is an account of Gottlieb’s experience as a single woman approaching her 40s.If you had asked me two years ago about having a family, I would have been like, “Eww, why would I have kids when I could devote my life to more important things, like blogging and attending mediocre sex parties? Maybe I should just start a family.” (I guess biology is real?) There comes a point at which eating steak alone at Le Bernadin and winking at strangers no longer feels exciting, and you’d rather actually connect with another human being on a level deeper than “I’m drunk and you’re in front of me.” And one thing that I definitely don’t want is to hit 35 and enter a uterus panic mode.

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