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You get all the cables and converters needed for connection: two 26", two 22", four 18", three 12", and one 21" cable. It's this marriage of maple top and mahogany back that gives these guitars "that sound", a sound that was first discovered with the 1952 LP Goldtop.

You'll also get three adapters for special-needs pedals with reversed polarity or different jack types. You get the brightness and snap of the maple, with the warmth and richness of mahogany.

Gives it that 60's Tele Custom vibe and makes it more comfortable to play without the top edge cutting into your chest.

The body isn't really bound, rather they used the PRS technique of taping off the ash cap prior to painting.

I find it compares very well to other non-wood bodies.

Fairly rare model from my experience and much like the "Classic Custom" from '96-'97: bound top Asat Classic with a belly cut on the back.2010 Martin 000X1AE Acoustic/Electric, (front), (back), (side), (headstock), (controls).I havent had many of these but Im impressed by the tone.Its very comfortable to play with the scaled down 000-size body, while featuring a full-scale 25.4. Add a new high quality Gibson Blues King gigbag for (pic). These Dano 12's are great values for an electric 12 string.Sounds good amplified as well, with control wheels for volume and tone just inside the soundhole. 2001 Danelectro DC-12 12-String, (front), (back), (side), (headstock). Martin gets them to set up with action so low that you'll barely notice you're pressing down on 6 extra strings, plus the tone of these lipstick pickups is especially well suited for 12-strings, with plenty of high end and very good note definition.

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It offers a broader frequency range than a piezo pickup while delivering authentic acoustic tone with enough volume to play alongside a large band.