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It switches between "updating setup files" and "launching blizzard launcher" for a good hour and a half now... I did an integrity check aka ran the installer peer to peer loader and it checked all the files and it was fine...

Whenever I go to load the Wo W launcher a little box appears first checking for updates. even just tried to reinstall Wo W and it is stuck in the same place somehow, won't even get to the launcher to download Wo W so I'm super stuck..

Try creating a shortcut to launch the game without the launcher.

Right-click Diablo III.exe, then click Create Shortcut.

I used to play 10-12 hours a day, now I only have 1-2 hours a day that I can play, I don't want to waste my 1-2 hours just to try patching and reading forums.

I can chose to play other games, by the way, go learn from RIOT how to patch without driving people insane.

Click "Manage"This will bring up "Computer Management"On the left pane on the very bottom there will be "Services and Applications"Click that, then click "Services"The pane on the right will refresh with all the services and applications. thanks everyone for the responses and ideas, they have failed to work for me. Trend Micro has a uninstallation tool.________________________________________________Account and Technical Services If the Forum isn't helping, contact a Support Rep directly: I tried uninstalling trend micro altogether, this did not solve the problem.

And it seems other people as well are having this issue. or maybe a blue could shed some light on this issue? Hey Uluwatu, Would you be able to temporarily uninstall Trend Micro? I decided to do a fresh install of the game by downloading the client from the wow site. just a little over half way of the "World of Warcraft Setup - Updating setup files..." box it just doesn't want to progress any further.

Done everything now, turned off my anti virus, firewall, the secondary logon, copy the folder of diablo from my laptop to my main, yet the problem remains. haven't been able to play diablo for the entire day QQFix it ! I had the problem of having the US client (because regardless of your account info stating you don't live in the US, their service still sees it wise to give you a US client - sent a ticket in regarding this issue), so I uninstalled the whole game, literally everything - all Blizzard files, all files, all D3 files and all agent files. I'm on Mac Lion 10.7.4 but this might work for you Windows folk: Delete (move - just in case) user files.

then it seems the patch is going to be started & then it says the game is already running ... This is the most frustrating experience I had with installing/patching a game since I ever started gaming about 20 years ago, even loading games on SINTEZ with the old, the old cassette music players was even more pleasant(not sure if anyone know what I'm talking about).

Blizzard you need to fix all this technology of patching, is ridiculous to pay so much money for a game that you can't even install on most of the computers without going to read all the support forums and waste precious time.

Progress bar will occasionaly jump ahead, then jump back.

Sometimes I can see 'loading launcher' or 'updating launcher' or some-such, the text flashes for a second so not sure exactly what it says. -Allowing it to 'update' for over 4 hours does nothing noticeable, no change in progress bar.-Deleted all Addons, did not resolve.-Tried deleting the Agent folder in program data, did not resolve.-Tried deleting the whole folder in program data, did not resolve.-Running 'wow.exe', 'World of Warcraft Launcher.exe', and 'Wow-64.exe' as administrator had no effect.-Tried deleting 'World of Warcraft Launcher.exe' Log in screen loads, when attempting to log in, states a wow needs to be closed to apply a patch, clicking restart does not close wow, and a 'failed to patch' error displays over the log in screen.-Deleting 'wow.exe' and 'Wow-64.exe' and running 'World of Warcraft Launcher.exe' results in the same primary issue.-Deleting contents of the 'Updates' folder has no effect.-Disabled Avast and spyware checkers, did not resolve.--Running out of ideas to try.-Starcraft 2 update screen will load and is currently downloading an update, prehaps this will force the blizzard launcher to repair/reset?

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I then logged into my account, changed my preferences to EU (which btw DOES NOT SAVE - will default back to US) and downloaded the eu GB client. Hi, I've tried what Koehl suggested and the game works now. for the last hour and a half this has hacked me right off! My updater was stuck downloading/patching/wasting time on these files so I headed in to Hard Drive/Users/Shared/and moved the 3 folders in there on to my desktop (for safe keeping).

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