Ecuadorian dating sites

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Ecuadorian  dating sites

The majority of Ecuador's population is , a mixture of both European (Andalusian and Castilian Spaniard) and Amerindian ancestry.

The other 10% of Ecuador's population originate east of the Atlantic Ocean, predominantly from Spain, Italy, Lebanon, France and Germany.

The Spanish introduced Roman Catholicism, colonial architecture, and today's national language.

The Inca were an advanced society which originated in Peru, and established a great empire within one century.

These messengers passed each other records of the empire's status, which are sometimes thought to have been encoded in a system of knots called quipu.

Remarkably, the Cañari, Quitus, and Caras were able to hold back Tupac-Yupanqui for years, though they proved less successful against his son, Huayna Capac.

Ecuador can be split up into four parts, geographically; the Costa (coast), the Sierra (highlands), and El Oriente (the east; which includes the Amazonic region).

The Galápagos Islands, or Archipiélago" de Colón, also belong to Ecuador.

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Atahualpa ruled in the north from Quito, while Huáscar ruled in the south from Cuzco.

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