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Erotic international chat javaapplet

The project is to adapt an existing VB6 Script that posts articles to 4 websites and add 1 more.

The adaption can be done in VB6 or recoded in C# or PHP. (more...) I need something or some how to run a sabre command and spit the output to a text file. (more...) Hi Bidders, I m building a CRM software that implements complex functionality and calculations. We need to create a simple java desktop application to process data. but good algorithm knowledge is required to this job... I have made a small program that I intend on selling.

(more...) Project is to be a multithreaded windows application that will require a user to enter a Search term.

Application will simulate a web spider that will perform a google search based on the search term... Function Save Tree To DB(Byval Tv as Tree View) If Node is checked...

We have already developed the Markers and the 3D models in . (more...) Hey, I\'m looking for people who can create good videos.

(more...) This is a project for a corporate website.We need 8 spanish buildings modelled and textured in 3D studio Max for a web-player based application. (more...) 3D Software Rendering We are a small Interior Design firm located in Melbourne Australia seeking to contract someone with comprehensive \"IRender NXT \" rendering software package knowledge and practical experience...(more...) Hi Bidders, We are in need some experiences programmers to help for developing AR projects, some with 3D web cam-enabled characters. I need a very good animation design you can see demo here that i want. v=g Qnh5ij6r As Please don\'t bid if you have not worked before this type of work ...I would like the video to be similar style and effect...(more...) Our client would like us to animate a mini presentation in Apple Keynote.

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(more...) We are looking for experienced freelance C# .

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