Error when updating sub report

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-2147191294 : this group section cannot be printed because its condition field is nonexistent or invalid. Have you physically "opened" the report in XI and then saved it in XI prior to trying to run..process it on the server??format the section to choose another condition field." Within the CR ver11 IDE, the complex report performs as expected, I can preview and see data. I guess my real question say YOU CONVERTED..exactly did you do to convert ALL OF YOUR REPORTS from version 8 to version XI...????Open and update any one of the 3 subreports and save.Open the main report and click the refresh (lightning bolt) button.The particular data I queried returned 2 pages of data. I tried with 3 subreports, paging throws the error. I'd like more info on how the Group By can be maniplated to get this report to work the way it used to. The Group By was not in the sql, within the CR v11 IDE, there is a Group Expert option. The only problem is some of the data fields are not being displayed.I was using that to group the data within one of the subreports. First I tried deleting field and adding it again, no luck.But when deployed to the server, the paging is a problem. By 'converted', I mean I followed the CR instructions.

It always shows the same data, it's just a display of code translations.

Ok.then .the report(s) that aren't running correctly,... I'm unsure, in the About window, the version info is: Where would I check for R1 or R2?

I would suggest having a Developer go into the reports and checkout the SECTION EXPERT..see what the issue is.... Regarding inspecting SECTION EXPERT, to avoid confusion and for simplicity I will discuss only one report, named gfl74.

That recordset object is then attached to the rpt via: Set o Sub Rpt Table5 = CRSubrpt5. Tables.e session("o Rs6"), 3 I'm assuming the data is held server side, only sending the data that is currently displayed or requested.

When the next button is clicked on the plugin viewer, one page of data is sent client side.

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