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Exciting dating magazine

You may need more than one cycle to get a good batch of eggs.

on hold has a 60 percent chance of things going right.Since she’s definitely not trying to get pregnant at this time, it would be very ironic to get pregnant while spending a lot of money trying to hold off on pregnancy, meaning carefree whimsical sex during the cycle itself doesn’t make a lot of sense. The process can be no big deal, causing only moodiness, bloating, discomfort, or mild spotting — “Like eating too much pie after Thanksgiving,” one expert claims.But it can also cause some pretty uncool side effects due to something called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, where there’s bloating, diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain and heavy bleeding.Choosing precisely when you want a baby is about as empowering as it gets, assuming it works. Recently, equipment malfunctions and egg loss at two egg-freezing facilities pissed a lot of people off, so there’s that risk.It’s also hard to know how successful the procedure is, because out of some 20,000 women who’ve had eggs frozen at this point, some 85 percent reported.

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(More clinics are offering payment plans these days, though — insert your frozen egg layaway joke here.)Enlarged ovaries don’t always make for a great bang sesh, and experts say, generally, to limit exercise and intercourse during this time.

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