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A rather popular rumor that actress Julia Stiles is transgender appeared in our e-mail in March 2018.

These rumors are not based on medical records, personal confessions, or any other type of credible information, but instead spring from a series of clickbait advertisements promoting content about transgender celebrities.

(2) In any case in which inaccurate information described under paragraph (1) is alleged, the court shall request the Register of Copyrights to advise the court whether the inaccurate information, if known, would have caused the Register of Copyrights to refuse registration.

That sprawling West Texas district was previously flagged as discriminatory but had been modified by the court since then.

Under the National Labor Relations Act, most private sector employees have the right to: Workers who believe their rights have been violated should contact the NLRB promptly, as there is a six-month statute of limitation.

Inquiries regarding possible violations can be made without an employer, union or anyone else being informed of the inquiry.

The district court found against the plaintiffs' claim for copyright infringement, determining that plaintiffs had failed to demonstrate that it owned the copyright to the logo.

The district court also granted the defendants a declaratory judgment invalidating the registration, finding that the application contained false statements and therefore should not have been issued in the first place.

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After the partnership dissolved, the plaintiffs filed suit against the defendants for trademark and copyright infringement and other claims.