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Friend stream htc not updating

You can turn it off using the steps at RFfx.If you still want to use Blinkfeed but does not want New Republic, here's how to remove content: R Hi, Jason! Thanks to dual cameras on both the front and back, the HTC U12 offers beautiful Bokeh-style photos that are natural, artistic and absolutely captivating. I must uninstall then reinstall it to be able to use it. BUT, after a few usage, the app cannot be opened at all.

DM us more info about your phone's issue, when and if this issue happened recently, what apps you downloaded lately & also the troubleshooting you've already done.

This a great app for sharing across different platform, very useful for me.

fix bugs The app sucks right after the windows10 update...first it was not opening after a day now it opens but doesnt share or receive any thing after a day...reinstalling helps but it cant the done evry tym..same time the bugs r not ne fixed very fast and on android every 2 days the update arrive for no reason Very good app but please please add another sharing modes other than sharing on single Wi Fi network....those sharing option which are available for android app....thanks for making windows phone app....

Whilst we have made a global announcement for our exciting flagship product, we are not in a position to communicate local availability/ recommended pricing but will definitely come back to you in due course. Since you've tried different troubleshooting steps and it sounds like the device needs repair, we suggest that you contact our local support at for real time assistance and to check for warranty options.

Your Android phone holds the key to virtual reality. Through Google’s Cardboard platform, you can slot your handset into a cheaply-made viewer.

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While much of the focus has been put on app experiences and games, Cardboard also empowers lightly immersive VR videos.

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