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More » Take the stories of Sherlock Holmes and filter them through a steampunk setting and you get one of the most interesting adventures Hosted Games has released to date.

You play the role of a Watson-like character who serves as a secret agent in the fictional country of Mercia.

Interactive fiction and mobile devices go hand-in-hand, and as a result, there are tons of gamebook-style games out there for Android.

If you're having trouble choosing which ones to check out, here's a list of 10 of the best choices.

More » In a lot of ways, inkle's adaptations of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Instead of simply trying to recreate the book precisely, Sorcery! You move your character around on a living map, choose letters out of the sky to compose spells, and engage in battles that require you to pay careful attention to your opponent to make the correct counter-attack. series tells one big story, it's best to start with the first book and work your way through, but all of them are quite good.

More » As more pure gamebook experiences go, you can't do much better than the most recent release in Tin Man's long-running Gamebook Adventures series, Asuria Awakens.

If you enjoy it, there's also a direct sequel you can try.

Heavy Metal Thunder is one of those gamebooks that is pretty hard to solve on your first try, but it's really enjoyable to test out all of the options available to you, so taking an extra run or two is actually a pleasure.

There aren't a lot of gamebooks that go for a pure comedy angle, something that helps Trial of the Clone stand out from the pack.

A couple of beefcake drifters offer to help but you're pretty sure that crazy wolf is gonna blow everyone up!

And whooo is that fluffy tailed succubus with the healing magic? (Warning: the game does not take it self too seriously) Features This system is pretty flexible and I'm still experimenting and improving its capabilities.

There are many different routes to take, but some of the most interesting ones might not be the most efficient, so choose wisely.

The 80-day limit gives this gamebook a little of a score-chaser feel, and as you would expect from inkle, it's absolutely gorgeous to look at, too.

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