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Our list of questions to ask a guy will start a conversation and help you know more about him, his life, and interests.

Some are casual, some funny, and some designed to provoke thought and confessions.

Even bringing back Chuck Woolery for a third try at host didn't help!

In total, the Dating Game TV show has had 2035 episodes!

Questions like, "What does your husband do that's most likely to result in you and he making whoopee"." and the answer might be, "I won't say what the dessert would be but it will involve whipped cream" or something like that.For its final three seasons in prime-time, the Dating Game was followed by "The Newlywed Game" which was also produced by Chuck Barris and the sexual inuendos were even more flagrant.The name was changed after one season to "The All New Dating Game" because the format was slightly changed.In addition to the old questioning and choosing a date segments, some previous daters would return to tell viewers how their date turned out.

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