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Gaming nerd dating

The Parrot Zik headphones have noise isolating earphones and a smart equalizing feature, which means that they can adapt to the specific needs of the listener. 9 There are a lot of smart watches on the market, but most of them don’t fit my personal style. ~0,000 If I only received one gift, I’d want Project Tango, the ultra-advanced 3D modeling device built by Google.The Asus Zen Watch is the most appealing smartwatch I’ve seen to date. 9 Everything looks better in slow motion, and with the world’s fastest slow-motion camera, the Phantom v2511, I’d film my lousy day-to-day life and make it look so much cooler. The Android-powered device is fitted with a 7-inch screen, two rear-facing cameras, and additional infrared sensors that enable it to create 3-D models of the environment around it.The bluetooth speaker mounts right on my handlebars so I can rock out to my favorite tunes on my way to anywhere.It's weatherproof, shockproof, and hopefully NYC-taxi-taking-a-left-turn-without-using-a-turn-signal-proof, too.In the summer, I like minimalist, low-support shoes so I can really feel the ground slip by under me in my jaunts up and down Lake Shore Drive.

That's why the Turtle Shell 2.0 is on my wishlist this year.

It's not commercially available yet, which makes it even more desirable to a gadget nerd like myself.

Expect this to be on my list until I can actually buy one.

The cost may be prohibitive, but I'm dying to feel what those supercar engineers put in this mesh and carbon-fiber shoe.

0 A solid monitor can make a huge difference in video and photo editing.

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