Government mandating

Posted by / 13-Oct-2020 03:13

The new Government Service Design Manual, released as a beta version on 14 March and effective from April, lays out the standards that must be used for all new digital public services developed across Whitehall.

IT organisations in the UK and across Europe are starting to accelerate the move to the cloud.

Whatever consumes the second greatest amount of broadband – isn’t even close to what video consumes.

In a market economy, freely fluctuating prices are the nervous system that coordinates supply and demand….

The price controls did tame inflation temporarily, but it came roaring back within three years to double-digit levels and persisted through the 1970s because of loose monetary policy.

“Problems which are rare, or specific to a domain, may be best answered by using software as a service, or by installing proprietary software.

In such cases, take care to mitigate the risk of lock-in to a single supplier by ensuring open standards are available for interfaces,” says the document.

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Government chief technology officer Liam Maxwell, one of the architects of the new policy, has long been a supporter of open source.