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I really love Tekno from Nigeria and Shatta Wale from Ghana and several Tanzanian artists such as Diamond Platnumz.

“I want a broad sound, some singers from Mali perhaps.

The solution might have been to turn down the sound and just enjoy the cascade of images, but that would also have meant missing the soundtrack of classics... Britain's Brightest Family Rating: Much more intelligence was on display in Britain’s Brightest Family (ITV), a lively half-hour quiz hosted by Anne Hegerty — better known as the Governess from early evening quiz The Chase. Every contestant sits in a red armchair that springs into the air on a hydraulic lift whenever they are nominated to answer a question.

This show will never depose Only Connect as telly’s toughest quiz. This looks like a silly gimmick at first, but it’s surprising how quickly a dash of vertigo can wipe the brain clean.

It claimed that many English pubs are called the Full Moon because the round, glowing countenance of the ‘man in the moon’ resembles a drunk. I suspect the researchers were copying bits off Wikipedia verbatim without bothering to wonder if they should trust the source.

Here’s a helpful tip for the Beeb: as a rule, Wikipedia is slightly less trustworthy than anything scrawled on the walls of a public convenience.

We were informed, too, that humans have evolved to be scared of the dark because prehistoric lions were more likely to eat our ancestors on moonless nights. So we had to endure a voiceover crammed with portentous drivel (‘In the Serengeti, the great drama of hunter vs hunted is played out’) and outright nonsense (‘The moon punches well above its weight’). Even if you don’t spot that XXV is 25 in Roman numerals, it isn’t hard to guess the next number is 125.

Her response is interesting: “I’m not a hip-hop head, I think I am more like the people who were there right at the beginning of hip-hop, like the cats doing the street parties.

Maya Wegerif – or, as the streets know her, Sho Madjozi – likes to wear her Xibelani skirt with Air Max sneakers. If you follow this young queen on the Gram, you will immediately notice her swank.

Hailing from Shirley in Limpopo, the 24-year-old writer, musician, actress and fashion icon now resides in the west side of Joburg, but stays deeply rooted to Shangaan culture, choosing to rap in Xitsonga.

The ravishing footage, taken in 2017, happily coincided with yesterday’s super blue blood moon.

A full moon rose in fast-forward, bouncing up from the London Eye and over the capital’s skyscrapers.

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I really want to work with Nozinja, a famous pioneer of Shangaan electro.

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