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Intel me 8 1 updating tool

Alongside with such traditional features as identifying the hottest modules and functions of the application, tracking call sequences, identifying performance-critical source code, Intel PTU has new, more powerful capabilities of data collection, analysis, and visualization.For experienced users, Intel PTU offers the processor hardware event counters for in-depth analysis of the memory system performance, architectural tuning, and others.We appreciate your help which will make future versions of this utility, or other Intel software products, even better.As the capabilities in this utility are experimental, we cannot guarantee any level of support for them.The ‘outer_loop’ function in different call branches can be the first target for parallelization.The heavy loop is detected inside the function and its caller function.We have retired PTU as our experimental performance analysis tool.Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE now contains the best PTU capabilities as well as the latest experimental performance analysis features.

The Advanced Profile view (at the bottom) explains the highlighted issue details for the selected hot basic block in equake application.Next, make sure that you have reviewed the installation and usage guide.This guide provides a visual screenshot by screenshot display of all user interface interactions needed to invoke and effectively use Intel® PTU.Q - Where can I get support for the use of this utility?A - We encourage you to visit our Intel® Performance Tuning Utility forum for support.

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The Overtime view shows changes in the utilization of CPU resources while the “openmp_triad” sample application was running.

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