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Database JOINs can do this, but I'm not sure if this is possible to get from a subquery with SOLR. when copying the config from the component stack is this: localsolr facet mlt highlight debug I used this component stack instead and it looks like it works fine localsolr danw Hello, I am taking advantage of the nested query syntax and find it very useful for the type of query I need. q=Full Text:sales&qt=geo&lat=33.1580933&long=-117.3505939&radius=75 This query looks like it should return the same results but none get returned. q=_query_:""&ft=sales&qt=geo&lat=33.1580933&long=-117.3505939&radius=75 I am using solr 1.4 Has anyone used the _query_ syntax and localsolr at the same time?I am having issues with this syntax and the localsolr plugin / request handler. The only post I found that looks like a similar issue on the internet was this and it went unanswered.This query gives everything that stayed the same for both snapshots since items with identical contents and uris share records that have multiple values for the jobs: job:(0001909448) By using faceting and counts, I can get lists of items that exist in both snapshots but have different contents.

Surprisingly yes, as it allows further decomposition of query requests.Solr by dasnom - Pearltrees [...] Lucid Imagination » Nested Queries in Solr To embed a query of another type in a Lucene/Solr query string, simply use the magic field name _query_ .The following example embeds a lucene query type:poems into another lucene query: text:"roses are red" AND _query_:"type:poems" Nested Queries in Lucene Syntax Now of course this isn’t too useful on it’s own, but it becomes very powerful in conjunction with the query parser framework and local params which allows us to change the types of queries.The ability to nest an arbitrary query type inside another query type is a useful feature that was quietly added to Solr some time ago, along with the support for query parser plugins to support different query types.I finally got around to fixing nested queries for the function query parser, and figured it was high time I documented nested queries, along with the Local Params syntax that allows one to add metadata to a query parameter, or even change the type of a query (i.e., which query parser is used to parse the query string.) Optimizing Findability in Lucene and Solr or the Solr Reference Guide.

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