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1st Ramadan 1439 will be expected on Thursday in Pakistan, As Tomorrow will be 1st Ramadan in Saudi Arabic, UAE, Indonesia and other Arab Countries.This year may Muslim around the world will start fasting on the same day after many years.The final dates of these events are announced on Islamic Calendar 2018.Hamari Web provides you exclusive Hijri Calendar to mark the Islamic Calendar 2018 today date, Islamic months, Islamic date today in UAE, and Islamic date today in Saudi Arabia & Islamic calendar months.Muslim Marriage Link has been designed for the sole purpose of providing Islamic matrimonial services online for Muslims (Men and Women, Shia and Sunni) of all ages who worship ALLAH and follow the teachings of the Qur'an Al-Kerim.The prophet Mohammed has said, "Marriage is my tradition who so ever keeps away there from is not from amongst me".Along with that 12th Rabi ul Awwal, marks the birth and death anniversary of Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم).The 9th and 10th Muharram marks the Youm-e-Ashura which is also sacred.

Asalaamu Alaykum, Here at Single we use the latest technology to provide our 2 million members with a safe online, interactive Single Muslim environment.The Islamic months commences after the sighting of the moon.The Islamic calendar 2018 or Hijri Calendar 1435 is the one commences from the Holy month of Muharram and ends on the month of Zul-Hajj.Islamic calendar 2018 is classified as “Hijri Calendar”.It has 12 months of the year which consist of 354 or 355 days.

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