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Japan dating tips

However for a ball-park figure think between EU€1000-2000 with the cheaper figure being for a four day tour and the latter being seven, say with slightly more upmarket lodgings at a peak time in a smaller group.

Lowlights: Japan's history is full of earthquakes, fires (and arsons) and wars...

There are also several tunnels would-be invading North Koreans mined that you can go down in.

You find an observation point and tunnel just North of Seoul.

In fact many of the myths that make it seem so fascinating are false.

Costs vary depending on the agency and the size or group and tour itinerary/length, so it is hard to be exact.

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Korea, which is as nationally proud as you would expect from this long lineage and its position surrounded by three super-powers - not to mention being a country split in half- was isolated from the west for thousands of years and retains a culture and customs that will continually surprise and entertain. Food is amazingly spicy and distinctive, eating seems to always involve plenty of people and alcohol and is for many visiting one of the main highlights.

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