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She got married and returned to college to obtain a teaching certificate in art education with a minor in literature and video game character design.Following her graduation, Jessica Chobot landed a job at EB Games, and also started doing some modeling work for the I Group and Talent Shop in Detroit.Also, Jace stops in on Bernard Ho, of IGN****, to ask to crash the Daily Fix, hosted by gaming goddess Jessica Chobot.All this plus more from Cung Le stabbing ninjas, Ted Price from Insomniac games and even more exclusive Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gameplay, only on the Jace Hall Show!

At an IGN E3 party that year, she met an rep and began freelancing for their Insider channel.jessica chobot is no.A sizable tax refund, coupled with an emotional meltdown, made her decide to buy a one-way ticket to Japan to start a whole new life.As her money ran out before she could secure any long-term work, she eventually found herself back home in the States.Perhaps to make amends for the stress caused by so much relocating at such a young age, her folks indulged her increasing addiction to video games by buying just about any system the budding hardcore gamer desired.By the time she reached her teens, Jessica Chobot was supplementing her gaming obsession with other interests.

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She went through a punk/goth phase that encompassed a preference for combat boots, Nietzsche and vampires.

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