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A white woman past forty is often passed over by her white-male contemporaries.

It use to be against the law for Black and Whites to marry, and that's why a lot blacks still have strong feeling about interracial dating.

However, she added one caveat: African women are often more open to all races unless they “become black.”I can’t remember what I was chewing, but I almost spit it out when I heard her say that.

I grabbed my pen and notepaper and started scribbling.“Becoming black,” according to her description, was to essentially be smuggled into the black American experience and adopt the history and the plight black people experienced as a result of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and the “prison industrial complex.” She arrived in the U. during her high school years, and it was there, done by her 11th grade teachers, that she became , she said.

This student would have been lost of all that “racialization” had she not started traveling internationally.

Opening her eyes to a world of other races, colors and creeds made her realize that we share a “common humanity.”Guess the Guardian of All Things Dark & Lovely lost a recruit, who realized being angry about everything would only hurt and limit her and her happiness. I don’t think racialization is exclusive to African immigrants, though.

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But it’s totally not fair to expect celebs to subscribe to the individual and static standard of beauty that we feel is appropriate, and Jill Scott said as much in an interview with Afrobella; Afrobella: …to so many people, they look at your and they brand you as an icon that speaks to their particular experience.

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