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She belongs to the well-heeled Lhuillier clan who own numerous jewelry stores in Manila.

She has been featured on various fashion magazines like People, US Weekly, In Style, Vogue, Vanity Fair and others.

Money aside, the MCU has catapulted its stars' careers into the stratosphere and rejuvenated others – namely Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking to director and Happy Hogan in the MCU, Jon Favreau, said, "It's exciting for everybody, because he's a guy that I think a lot of people wrote off." "It's inspiring when somebody who sort of has his work cut out for him actually [succeeds] and comes back bigger and better than he was before.

Celebrating over one year of marriage (January 10, 2004 at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in LA.) with Robert Charles Chien, has experiencing this exciting stage of life brought different passions or perspectives to your performances that is clearly evident off-stage?

(Note: Previous reports have been filled with descriptions of greater glow that surrounds you – along with the increased maturity and confidence that in all your actions)I just experience freedom.

Together, they have two children, Jack and Darby, and appear to be defying the old Hollywood curse that often splits marriages.

Although, that might be down to what Rudd has described as a controversy-free lifestyle.

Applauding your goals to have your children bi-lingual (Tagalog, British – cockney and fine British - and English), would they also be learning Chinese and Japanese, along with various aspects of being born in Hawaii – as the result of Robert’s ethnic background and heritage (especially since Robert looks like a Pinoy?!?! I probably will ask Rob's Chinese grandmother to expose my children's ears to Chinese.That is how I was brought up, and chances are that's how my own children will be brought up too.This Cebu-born Filipina designed the radiant gown (in addition to a second gown to wear at the reception, as well as her mom's, the groom's mother, the groom's stepmother and the five bridesmaids dresses) that Britney Spears wore when she married her boyfriend Kevin Federline - along with the wedding gown of Lea Salonga.I mean, that's the American dream – and it oddly somehow relates to Tony Stark," he stated.With such fanfare and attention, it's only natural that fans want to know more about these actors and their private lives.

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It's something I'd like for them to hear and learn.