License plate dating

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License plate dating

Currently New Brunswick has no slogan on its license plates (simply “New/Nouveau Brunswick”).

The tagline “Picture Province” was used until 19 to 2011 saw the short-lived “Be…in this place” (a rebranding effort of the Liberal government, dumped by the Progressive Conservatives; suspiciously similar to a former PEI motto? The slogan used on Nova Scotia’s license plates since 1972 (“Canada’s Ocean Playground”) was coined by Alistair J. did not become part of Canada until 1873.) Currently Newfoundland’s license plates have no slogan.

I have to admit that the license plate slogans of Canada’s provinces and territories is not the most riveting topic, but I’ve been curious about their origins for a while now. “Beautiful British Columbia,” a straightforward reference to the province’s stunning scenery, was first used in government material in 1964.The current Saskatchewan license plate slogan is “Land of Living Skies.” (For a few years in the 1950s it was “Wheat Province.”) According to this blog post, Saskatchewan got this name “because its citizens have the largest and longest un-interrupted view of the wind system known as the jet-stream which passes through Saskatchewan 73.6% of the year bringing with it large amounts of interesting cloud formations and ever changing weather systems.” “Friendly Manitoba” has been used on license plates since 1976.The first slogan used (from 1971 to 1975) was “Sunny Manitoba,” along with “100,000 Lakes.” I couldn’t uncover the origin of the phrase “Friendly Manitoba,” so if you have an insight, please leave me a comment.Both types of stickers (they come as a set) can be found on the Registration Seals page.RANDOM LETTERS & NUMBERS: This is pretty self explanatory. The plates are approximately 20.5" inches wide by 4.5" inches tall (or 520mm x 114mm).

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