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Mahabharat dating

They even performed his upanayana in Mathura and taught him Sanskrit. Few people know that Shambhuji has composed a treatise in honor of his father in Sanskrit called “Budhacharitra”.One of the fantastic literary works in medieval Sanskrit, extremely “Shringarika” and poetic.However, because of Sambhaji Maharaj and other Maratha ruler’s (later on Rajaram and Mahraani Tarabai) struggle, Aurangzeb was stuck in battles in South India for 27 years.This helped in the establishment of new Hindu kingdoms in the provinces of Bundelkhand, Punjab and Rajasthan in North India; thus providing safety to the Hindu society there.Soyarabai wanted her son Rajaram to become Maharaj after Shivaji, so return of Sambhaji was not helpful for her selfish cause.Rumours ran thick and fast among Marathas that wife Soyarabai had poisoned Shivaji.Sambhaji when left home was placed in anonymity in Mathura among distant family of one of the Shivaji’s minister, Raghunath Korde.He stayed there for half year/one year as one abandoned brahmin child.

For seven years more that war continued with its monotonous tale of attack and counter-attack – of determined sieges and equally determined counter-sieges.

He tried to reconvert into Hinduism, but local Brahmins in his village did not paid heed to his pleas, as they thought he became impure by accepting anti-Vedic islam.

In the end, Kulkarni met Sambhaji Maharaj and told him about his misery.

The steady courage of Shambaji was only matched by his impetuous and rash nature.

Only his minister Kavi Kalash was able to exercise any control over the headstrong king.

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An equal measure of the rage of Shambhaji was directed towards any perceived rivals or dissenters in his kingdom, he dealt with them to extreme severity for which he was justly famous.