Maria estela age 25 sacramento dating

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Maria estela age 25 sacramento dating

The three appeared together in films like Dos tipos de cuidado and Menores de edad. Among those who attended were Luz María Aguilar and Irma Dorantes.

Lavat's cousin María Elena Marqués was an integral part of her life, it was because of Marqués that she met her husband of 43 years and the father of her four sons. Lavat said "Filming in Acapulco, she told me: I'm going to introduce you to a single, decent, hard working and handsome man. In 2011 Queta appeared in the TV series Amorcito corazón produced by Lucero Suárez, in the role as Sor Pilar.

Lavat said: "For me it was wonderful to work with those stars, Pedro (Infante) and Jorge. Negrete, whom I called don Jorge, invited us to have coffee and sweet bread, entertained with conversations of the most at ease. My only vice has been to always knit and I knitted in my spare time, so Negrete told me: 'You are my little spider, because I have never seen a woman of your age knitting, that is the habit of grandmothers".

She also worked with other famous actors such as Pedro Infante and Irma Dorantes, who continues to be one of her closest friends. On February 23, 2009, the actress celebrated her 80th birthday surrounded by all her loved ones: brothers, sons, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, her son-in-law, childhood friends as well as acting colleagues.

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Queta's family lived in Colonia Roma de Ciudad de México then later moved to Colonia San Rafael.

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