Maximum effective dating range for carbon 14 dating

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Studies on the coupling of solid earth geophysical phenomena to the ocean and atmosphere, and vice verse, are welcomed.

We also welcome Solid Earth contributions to studies of geohazards and energy resources.

The Nederlands Aardwetenschappelijk Congres (NAC) bring together all fields of research within the Earth Sciences.

The NAC conferences aim to provide a true interdisciplinary forum for discussion and for young researchers to present their results in a way that is accessible to a broad audience.

As NAC 2018 will be an interdisciplinary meeting place for geoscientists, this procedure is aimed to encourage researchers from all fields in Earth Sciences to present their progress of research. Size posterboard: A0 - portrait More information about the keywords can be found here: The safe, efficient and cost-effective use of the subsurface for the exploration and exploitation of natural resources and the construction of transport and storage infrastructures require a thorough knowledge of the geological and geophysical heterogeneity.

Projects dealing with geothermal energy production, CO2 storage, groundwater extraction, hydrocarbons exploitation and subsurface infrastructures all depend on reliable static and dynamic computer models to assess the economic, safety and environmental risks.

The development and calibration of proxies and their use to reconstruct paleoenvironments from the Precambrian to the Anthropocene are of special interest.

The anticipated scope ranges from the core to the Earth’s surface and includes the effect of deep processes on (near-)surface evolution and their role in the context of System Earth.

In this theme we invite contributions in the area of paleoclimatology based on reconstructions using marine, terrestrial and ice archives as well as model studies offering understanding of individual processes, thresholds and tipping points.

In particular studies focusing on the feedbacks, between the various components of the Earth system are encouraged.

Our launch show in 2016 was by some distance the largest ever airport industry exhibition staged in Britain or Ireland, and a successful move to a significantly larger hall at the Birmingham NEC for 2017 was a sell-out success.

2018 will see the show move to London for the first time, hosted by Heathrow, presenting new opportunities on a larger scale, with the show expected to grow beyond 200 exhibitors.

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All contributions related to biogeochemical cycling are welcome in this theme.

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