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I’m coming to these conclusions about high school relationships from things I’ve noticed over the years as well as stories that my friends, co-workers, and even my boyfriend told me about their high school flings.

Sorry to break it to you, but the conclusions are grim: High school relationships often don’t have happy endings.

Being an observer of high school relationships has allowed me to have a totally brutal opinion of them that isn’t marred by bias or sad flashbacks of my 11th grade relationship that I wish worked out.

When you’re not busy being in and out of a relationships yourself, you notice the relationship life cycles of your friends with a hell of a lot of clarity, as well as all the gossip and hype that surrounds them.

Everybody is exchanging notes in this whirlwind contest of who's doing this and that.

And even if you're not doing it, others are doing it for you. We go through the most significant changes when we're in our teens and young adult years.

Since I took this very seriously, I talked to girls as little as possible for the longest time (also because I was completely terrified of the idea of talking to them.).

It was pretty easy not talking to them, but made it REALLY uncomfortable whenever I was around my crush.

So, frankly, you often won't be the same person you were when you two first got together, that's a fact. If you two end up being incompatible, that's not necessarily a failing on either of's just what comes along with growing up.

I’ve seen the hurt that my friends and the kids around me have felt, the guilt over wrong decisions made, the heartbreak that almost inevitably comes hand-in-hand with high school dating.

I’m not saying that dating in high school is wrong, but I do think that many high school relationships ARE wrong because they start with wrong motives.

I’ve had some time to think about the choices I’ve made.

There have been a lot of choices I’d change and things I’d do differently.

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