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Moreover, the game modes themselves can now have unusual, interesting settings – for instance an arcade without the ability to respawn, historical battles in which weapons can be reloaded while flying, battles with a limited number of respawns.

This kind of freedom to customize settings gives players a fresh perspective on familiar missions and tactical techniques.

Let's look at which aircraft can participate in this event.

In this case, for the Japanese Empire's side, only three models of combat aircraft can participate: the carrier based A6M2 fighter, carrier based D3A1 dive bomber, and the B5N2 torpedo bomber.

Events mode allows us to experiment with new and familiar game missions.

The minimum number of participants in a battle is 24 (12 players on each side), and the maximum is 32 (resulting in a 16 on 16 fight).War Thunder update 1.35 introduces a new gameplay element – Events mode.Events mode includes special battles with custom parameters.In Events mode, players can recreate historical battles, try new missions and maps, or use familiar maps with customized flight model settings.War Thunder pilots have the ability not only to choose which side of the conflict they are on and which aircraft to use in battle, but also to evaluate their opponent's strength – where, against whom, and in what mode they will fight.

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This means out of 30 players waiting to join with a B-17 the balancer will pick two players for each battle.

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