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scammers don't honor ethical, quid pro quo agreements. Yup, I'd rather be humiliated than give in to any blackmail.As you've rightly said, any payment would not close the issue anyway, it can only end once they carry out the threat which in this case is not a massive deal anyway. Yeah I'm still not sure how he was able to paste a list of my contact into the chat window...We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to.We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers.He has them, and you don’t want him to satisfy his needs elsewhere. Extra tip: close any other tabs you have open on your browser. If you really want to play something, play it over the stereo so it wouldn’t sound like a computer connecting to a dial up connection in the ‘90s. The worst possible scenario is – you getting wet, him getting hard and the internet connection broken.Wouldn't any message that they send go into my friends "Other" message inbox on FB meaning that my friends would not even receive a notification of the message??

Scammer plays video of hot girl to me on Skype, I take my pants off on camera, she records, I'm asked for £500 for the video to be deleted or it gets sent to all my Facebook friends and then a list of my Facebook friends is displayed in the chat window. Anyway, now that I've blocked this person from Skype, unlinked my Facebook from Skype, ramped my privacy settings up to the max and reported the incident to Facebook, is there anything I can do to prevent the world from seeing my less than impressive masturbation technique?Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content. Yes, Skype is used for more than just international chit chat about the weather, and now has a bit of a more intimate use. When the one that stole your heart is miles away, you don’t just miss having breakfast with him or watching movies on Friday nights – you also need him to meet your sexual needs. So, before even logging in, make sure you have a fabulous internet connection that can’t in any moment, fail. We’re afraid it might sound horrible on the other side of the camera (we mean, to your partner).In all honesty it would probably just sit in my friends' "Other" inbox is the key point.regardless of whether they post it or not, under no circumstances should you pay.

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Confident that they've moved on to the next victim. The name was Alexis Jaden, and the email was [email protected], posing as a Canadian from Toronto on holiday in Morocco. No point in replying to someone who doesn't care about your insight and is only trying to rouse you. I can't say I'm not still a little cautious, but I'm getting over it. Pretty sure they had me by the balls as my Sykpe was linked to facebook, they had my Facebook friends and my email address. If you know of or encounter a scam, this is the place to let people know about it.