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You are challenging the validity of the alleged debt and they need to send proof that you owe them.

Send your letter to them certified mail with return receipt. If you did not receive a letter from the collection agency and you found out about it because you saw it on your credit report, when you write the letter, tell them that you have received a recent copy of your credit report and were stunned to find out that they have put false information on it.

The Spanish version of Form I-9 may be filled out by employers and employees in Puerto Rico ONLY.

It is documentation of monies given to you with an accounting of every cent used, every cent paid, every bit of interest applied, and the date any of those events occurred.The Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari web browsers will prompt you to open or save the form.I have been helping people repair their credit for over 30 yrs.You'll hear facts about credit repair here, not half truths and lies spewed at you by bureaus, negotiators and collectors that want to make money off of you.You can repair your credit yourself, though it is a tedious job. If and when you receive a letter from a collection agency, you need to respond right away.

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Therefore, you OWE THEM NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH! "Stranger to the transaction" means someone or some entity not on the original contract.

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