Sakurai sho dating

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Sakurai sho dating

Unlike other animes, where the character's outfit remains the same, Onizuka's outfit constantly changes.He's well known for having a wide variety of costumes.Onizuka is of average height, has brown eyes, blond hair (dyed), and pierced ears.Onizuka is a chain smoker, rarely seen without a cigarette in his mouth.An Interquel manga entitled chronicles the adventures of Onizuka as he hides back in his hometown of Shonan, because he accidentally let it slip on national television that he almost buried a student of his alive.Luckily for us this means we got to see him in action once again.Onizuka is very athletic: being able to bench press 150kg (approximately 330 lbs.).He is a second dan black belt and was a college karate champion.

such as delinquency, bullying, problems with the opposite sex, and violence... It is getting worse each year, and I can hardly handle it myself.There, he is the homeroom teacher of the troublesome Class 3-4.He teaches social studies, but is renowned throughout the school for teaching life lessons to his students.Onizuka-kun, what I want from you is exactly what you showed us the other day: the German suplex."Eikichi Onizuka: Twenty-two years old, current virgin, black belt martial artist, former delinquent, seeking direction. Easy hours, and the potential of after-school study sessions with beautiful high school girls... The truth is, as a new hire at Holy Forest Academy (surprisingly, not a Two-Teacher School), he's been put in charge of a class who believe it is their sole mission to run any teacher they're given right out of the story of this (semi-indestructible) man and his continuing attempts to keep from being fired while straightening out the class which has been placed in his care.

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Already involved in various crimes such as illegal races, fighting and vandalism at the same ages of his own students.